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About Me

The fascination with jewelry started quite a long time ago.  It is influenced by my travels to my hometown of Sicily as well as travels through the rest of Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Scotland and more.  When visiting different countries, what stood out for me was always the vibrancy found in jewels and colors of the places I visited.  I buy a piece of jewelry whenever I travel as a memento.  And besides, if it was sparkly and shiny, it was meant to be mine.  


I remember as a teenager at 15, I had my first experience with buying a significant piece of jewelry - a bracelet.  Mary Miller, who sold jewelry out of her home, a high-rise condominium overlooking the Pacific ocean in Pt. Loma, San Diego.  She would have 'jewelry parties.'  It was fantastic! I went to one of these jewelry parties with my mother once, and a beautiful gold bracelet caught my eye.  Each layer of gold lay on top of each other like the ripples in the ocean or the waves of sand in a bright desert, perfectly.   I had to have it, and although I didn't have the money right then and there, I was able to reserve it and make payments over time.  It took a little over a year, but finally, it was mine.  I loved it, wore often, and still enjoy wearing it now. 


Fast forward, and I found myself at another "Trunk Show" in someone's home with friends from work.  Lots of lovely items, hand-crafted, gold or silver wire, suede, leather, turquoise, citrine, aquamarines; a kaleidoscope of colors filled my senses.  Again, another piece I had to have - this time a large Teardrop shaped Turquoise pendant with gold flecks near the upper left part of the stone that mimic a sunflower peeking through a backdrop spider web matrix.  It hung nonchalantly from wrapped citrines and aquamarines then fixed to soft suede with gold wire.  That was my moment, I thought, "I can make that."


Well, let's just say that I've learned a lot about what it takes to bring these treasures to market.  I have come to appreciate the amount of time, effort, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making a piece of jewelry.   So my attitude is no longer, "I can make that," but "how can I make something that someone will enjoy and treasure."  Don't get me wrong, shopping for sparkly things is still my MO,  only now I also endeavor to make pieces of art and whimsical baubles.  


Years ago, my passion started as a hobby, making small trinkets for family and friends.  It made me happy, thinking about what colors looked good on someone, or what would compliment their style. Officially a business since 2013, my desire to do something I love and share a smile with something sparkly has become this online store.  I am excited about pursuing my gemologist certification to further my education about all things gems.


Striking a balance between 'every day' and a bold flair show through the products listed so far.  More collections on the way so, please visit often!